Imagine classrooms in West Africa with shelves filled with reading books in local languages ranging from Bambara to Fulfulde.

Best practices improve the book chain as they are adopted independently – perhaps with the aid of technical assistance and know-how – by institutions around the world. But there are some improvements to the book chain that can be produced only by concerted collaboration and pooled resources. The Alliance will launch flagship initiatives to seize those opportunities.

The Alliance expects to launch flagship initiatives each year. Ideally, an initiative should have three characteristics.

  • It delivers substantial improvements only possible through collaboration and pooled resources by donor institutions, private sector actors, and national governments.

  • It rallies new allies, inspiring action and commitment, contributing not only to the Alliance’s goals but also increasing the Alliance’s momentum.

  • It is based on programs and interventions that have proven successful and would benefit from greater scale.


These flagship initiatives are designed to build momentum for the Alliance’s work in the years ahead.