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Best practices that are currently employed with great success in pockets can be scaled to reduce the cost of books and strengthen links in the book chain across countries and regions.

Each of the Alliance’s current and future partners brings unique expertise and perspectives to the Alliance. The Alliance serves as a forum for partners and experts to present best practices from their own work. By implementing these practices, each partner contributes to a stronger book chain. And by providing a global forum, the Alliance will facilitate the transfer and implementation of best practices around the world.

These best practices also benefit Alliance members by reducing the costs of title development and book provision, and increasing their impact. Participating in the Alliance provides access to knowledge and technical assistance from others in implementing best practices.

Best practices range from tools and systems to track inventory to licensing regimes for new books so that they are free to translate and adapt. They can have a substantial impact if widely adopted.

  • Openly licensing new titles can lead to a 15-20% reduction in book costs.

  • Following standards for durability can lead to a 25-40% reduction in the cost of book availability.

  • Bundling procurements for larger print runs can lead to a 25-30% reduction in book costs.