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The Alliance brings together the public and private sectors because only together can we close the book gap.

We are an international effort involving multiple stakeholders working to transform book development, procurement, and distribution to ensure that no child is without books. Our mission is to guarantee that children everywhere have the books and learning materials they need to learn to read and read to learn. By drawing together the largest public-sector investors, the Alliance can ensure that every dollar of public funds is well invested for today – in low cost, high-quality books – and for tomorrow by strengthening private publishers who will sustain the supply of books.

The Alliance’s work will be overseen by a Secretariat, which will draw on leaders, staff, and experts seconded or supported by its members.

Harnessing the full potential of books to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goal for Quality Education requires both a strong supply of and demand for books. The Alliance seeks to build a robust ecosystem in which organizations efficiently provide high-quality books to the communities, schools, and children that demand them.

The Alliance seeks to improve that book chain from the ground up, rebuilding and reinforcing links across the board. Alliance members will:

  • Improve book Development by fostering the creation of new book titles in neglected languages

  • Provide Access in many formats, licensed for translation, and readable by children with varying abilities

  • Improve Supply chains to reduce loss and waste

  • Coordinate Procurement to increase efficiency and target books to those who need them most

  • Ensure that teachers, families, and community members have the tools they need to Use books to promote learning


Literacy requires books. But studies show that many children in developing countries do not have them. We will help close this book gap by improving the process that creates compelling books and delivers them into children’s hands. Three partnership structures will sustain the Alliance.

The Steering Committee

sets the vision and allocates resources

Steering Committee members guide priorities, continually tracking changes in the system to ensure that the Alliance is responsive to current needs.

The Technical Groups

spot and share best practices

Technical groups update the Alliance on the state of the field and propose new best practices to adopt and initiatives to launch. They convene twice a year.

The Alliance Members

meet annually and collaborate year round

Members commit to exploring and implementing best practices to improve the book chain. They meet annually to share potential opportunities.


We are a network of governments, intergovernmental organizations, nonprofits, and private companies that are committed to ensuring that all children have the books they need to achieve literacy.